SOCO BullStreet

The Bakery at BullStreet was one of the first historic preservation and adaptive reuse projects in the district. It is now home to SOCO, a platform and community for independent workers, freelancers and technology companies like Krumware, COLAtoday and RumbleLab. Once an actual bakery for the hospital campus, the Bakery was first historic building to be renovated in The BullStreet District.
Hughes Development Corporation worked with Buchanan Construction Services and 1×1 Design to create a model for what future buildings could look like. Completed in September 2016, the Bakery at BullStreet was the winner of Historic Columbia’s 2017 Preservation Award and is now a hub for the growing BullStreet Technology Village.
The Bakery is leased by Columbia-based business SOCO. A cowork, creator space, and event venue, SOCO’s goal is to provide a productive area for freelance writers, independent entrepreneurs, and other people who need an environment that is conducive to working. Along with being the home to groundbreaking young companies like Krumware, RumbleLab, and COLAToday, they also host community events that entertain and engage not only their collaborators but the public as well.
Standing in the shadows of the grand Babcock building for almost a century, the Bakery has an architectural history worthy of preservation. This structure illustrates the importance and the history of occupational therapy at the height of nineteenth-century psychiatry. The Bakery—in addition to its counterpart at State Park— also set the standard for similar vocational buildings, such as the Laundry at the Spring Grove Hospital Center and the Bakery at West Point. Hear more from someone who worked at The Bakery.