BullStreet Technology Village

Shared work spaces, gigabit internet speeds and a campus designed to help tech workers and companies collaborate and create the next big thing are features envisioned for the BullStreet Technology Village. With a vision to establish Columbia, SC, as a destination in the new urban south, the future is bright at BullStreet.

In addition to buying the naming rights to the Fireflies' ballpark, Segra is investing in BullStreet in other ways. When BullStreet claims to be a "Gigabit Community," most people are confused, and aren't quite sure what that means.

Being a Gigabit Community means that BullStreet will be technologically superior to the other parts of Columbia. Segra has made fiber optic internet service available to all the companies and residents who want to be at BullStreet. Fiber Optic internet is both the fastest and most consistent form of information transfer, so make no mistake: this is luxury internet service. And it is just part of what makes BullStreet, BullStreet.

Providing Columbia with a Gigabit Community doesn't just bring us up-to-date, either. It puts our city on the cutting-edge.

The first business to see the advantage of being a gigabit community was the SOCO co-working space. Check out their project in the historic bakery here.