Stories of BullStreet

Mayor Steve Benjamin – City of Columbia

Mayor Steve Benjamin has been at the forefront of Columbia, SC’s urban renaissance and is one of the most innovative public officials in the U.S.  His leadership is strong, his vision for transforming BullStreet is stronger and his belief in his city’s potential is unbounded. The City of Columbia has played a vital role in unleashing the potential of the largest urban revitalization project in Columbia’s modern history.

“This is the largest developable tract of land in any downtown east of the Mississippi.  This is a unique opportunity and I’m proud to say it’s ours. It’s Columbia’s”

Amos Disasa – Downtown Church

Amos Disasa and his co-pastor Dawn Hyde are a different kind of pastor and DOWNTOWN CHURCH is a different kind of church.  Fresh, modern and innovative…just like their new home in the former Central Energy Facility on the historic BullStreet grounds. 

“We hope to be a gathering space, a common space for the community that BullStreet becomes.”




Abby Naas – Columbia Fireflies

Abby Naas might just have the best job on the planet as V.P. of Marketing and Public Relations for the Columbia Fireflies.  She and her team work, play and compete in the heart of the BullStreet District every day in the nation’s only baseball stadium that doubles as a public park; Segra Park.  They pride themselves on creating an accessible entertainment experience for the masses.  

“We love being a part of the BullStreet District.  We encourage members of the community to come to Segra Park. To come over and bring their lunch, bring their families by, run the stairs, use it as a fitness facility or just come and walk laps and enjoy it.”

Sam McGuckin – Capgemini

Sam McGuckin is a veteran of the burgeoning insurance tech industry that put Columbia, S.C. on the map.  In 2017, his company, TCube Solutions, was acquired by global insurance juggernaut Capgemini, which has more than 200,000 employees worldwide in 40 countries. More than 100 high-tech employees are working in BullStreet’s First Base Building, with an astonishing view of the ballpark’s first base line, marking a major win for the tech community.

“In our business, the commodity that we offer the marketplace is highly skilled, young IT talent, and so in order to attract that talent in a market that is very aggressively going after young people with technical skills, we have to have some kind of competitive advantage. And we think BullStreet gives us that.”




Greg Hilton – SOCO

Greg Hilton is passionate about building community and empowering people to do more of the work that they love. He and his team brought their “Top 50” coworking community to the heart of BullStreet to be a part of writing the district’s new story.  

“Our passion and purpose is helping independent workers and entrepreneurs live life on their terms, do work they love and be a part of something bigger. BullStreet gives us the freedom to experiment, create and build real community every day.”