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The BullStreet District is transforming the already-vibrant state capital city of Columbia, S.C., into the hub of the new urban South. Known as the largest city-center development east of the Mississippi, this 181-acre development blends life, work, leisure and community into a seamless transformation of Columbia’s historic landscape. Make your own history as you make the BullStreet District your own.

A new urban experience

The BullStreet District is the essence of the new urban South -- where we’re transforming centuries of history into visionary energy and rediscovering our roots as a new downtown experience is created. Only in a city like Columbia, S.C., can a district like BullStreet spring from the ground so authentic, so alive and so strong.

181-acres of undeveloped urban land devoted to vibrant, walkable streets with a dynamic mix of residential, retail, restaurant and recreational uses. Tech-forward spaces meet human-scale buildings with incredible access to outdoor amenities that will transform the city and offer opportunity to the pioneers who want to write their own stories.

“This is the largest developable tract of land in any downtown east of the Mississippi. This is a unique opportunity, and I’m proud to say it’s ours. It’s Columbia’s.”

- The Honorable Steve Benjamin, Placemaker and Former Mayor, City of Columbia

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