A Park for The People

The crown jewel of BullStreet will be a 20-acre public park with running and walking paths, a dog park, public art and natural water habitat featuring a two-acre pond and 2,000 linear feet of the soon to be restored Smith Branch Creek. The Center for The New Urban South is getting a new centerpiece for outdoor recreation.

Smith Branch Creek

One goal of this park is to recreate a natural habitat by bringing Smith Branch Creek to the surface on the property while also creating a two-acre pond.

Another key element of the plan is the restoration of Smith Branch Creek’s water quality, wildlife and biodiversity.

The creek, which now flows underground in twin 84-inch culvert pipes on the property, will be brought to the surface and meander about 2,000 ft. through the public park at BullStreet.

Approval came from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the City of Columbia, S.C.