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New Phase of BullStreet Development Set to Begin

Originally published May 23, 2016 at:



The next phase in redevelopment of Columbia’s sprawling Bull Street property is now beginning after the opening of Spirit Communications Park.

It seemed when we looked around in the areas surrounding Spirit Communications Park that the level of construction activity was less than intense. But Bull Street’s master developer, Bob Hughes, told us there’s more here than meets the eye.

We did see a good deal of infrastructure work is underway out in areas beyond right and center field. For those familiar with the former State Hospital property, that would include the bakery and laundry buildings, as well as the huge Babcock building with the distinctive domed structure visible from much of the downtown area.

Developer Bob Hughes says there’s a lot happening in those places — especially Babcock, which is under contract to a developer based in Richmond, Virginia.

“I believe they’ve done 53 historic renovations previously and we’ve got kind of an unusual contract in that I see their expenditures for architects and approvals and I can tell you by seeing those they are deep into it,” Hughes said. “They’ve got architects engaged, good conversations with the state archives and the National Parks Service and they are tweaking their drawings every day.”

Hughes also said he hopes to sign a contract within the next few days for another new development project on the ballpark’s third base side.

As you know if you’ve been here, there already is an office building on the first base side known logically as the First Base Building.