Everything else is just imitation. Unnecessary product returns are costly to your company as well as to Foley Engines. Next I will remove thermostat housing and flush block. Featured Products. https://www.oldwillysforum.com/foruwant-to-keep-this-governor.13485/#post-137270. Pierce Governor Rebuild Kit With New Upper Arm Comes with front housing bearing; shaft bearings and retaining clips; thrust bearing with thrust washer; upper and lower springs; seal and mounting gasket; and new upper breakover arm. You may need to change pulley diameters, linkage arrangements or spring tension to make it hold your Y112 at 1,800 RPM under varying load. View Full Size. TYPICAL INSTALLATION: Note: Before adjustment, step 1, remove bumper screw F, re-insert 3 or 4 turns into the governor body, & secure with locknut. QTY. I can tell you the dist here will only sell a new compleat . Pro tips for farm equipment repair and maintenance, 5 tire inspection points to look at before planting. Get in Touch. Reinstall two countersunk screws to retain gear/flyweight assembly in housing. Still searching for seals and bushings. 00. And it's also a 1948 truck. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. WARNING: Operating this Pierce governor at a GOVERNOR shaft speed over 2800 RPM voids warranty. The basics for governor overhaul include inspecting and replacing any defective bearings, seals, and drive gears. Yes, it has fresh oil in it. It always used to work well but we think the governor is getting ready to give up. As a general rule, governors on vintage tractors use a rotating mass that consists of a set of flywheel weights or cams with weights at the end. Both Hoof Products and the Pierce Company are now no longer offering governors. Before starting the engine, make sure the bumper screw thread is engaged only 3 or 4 turns (approx 1/8 inch) into the governor housing. you should not feel much resistance if any. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Does it restrict power? Today they are used in everything from industrial generators, chippers, and airport tugs. Knowledge is power. Attach the linkage securely, remove the governor spring tension, move the linkage by hand, and be sure it moves freely through the full travel of the carburetor lever WITHOUT RESISTANCE. They use the same diameter and style governor drive gear, except the hole size is different. LUBE OPTION: if it is necessary to rotate the body for lever access, you can remove the oil cup, insert 3.25 oz (100 cc) oil [NO MORE], and replace the oil cup with a 1/8-inch pipe plug, thus sealing the Pierce governor. Power to build ties to engine users. When the centrifugal force equals the spring force, the system is in balance and the engine speed remains fixed. This governor is Hoof style and is similar to those made by Hoof and Pierce. I have flushed the radiator, sourced new gages and a number of spare parts. 101 My Bobcat 642 uses a Hoof governor mdl BD 856 A. I'm in the process of replacing seals and bearings. Then, too, a smoothly operating governor ensures a smoothly running engine. You are using an out of date browser. Disclaimer: The Governor Shop Ltd. is an independent service facility and is not directly affiliated with Woodward Governor Company, Heinzmann GmbH & Co., Caterpillar Inc. When replacing a governor, it is important to use the correct governor for your application. I took a break on mine but Im woking on it again http://www.skidsteerforum.com/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=54&frmView=ShowPost&PostID=25541. We even have developed kits to help people retrofit an electronic governor to Ford CSG649 Industrial Engines that have a failed Hoof/Pierce BD540 belt drive governor in a wood chipper. All https://www.barchart.com/solutions/ is provided by Barchart Solutions. 119 W.ROLLINGWOOD DR, PINEHURST, TX 77362, Spark More Welding Effectivenesswith Our Precision Welding Equipment Repair Services. We also offer full restoration and repair services for your Ford Tractor. Item: 8166, Hoof Products Governor Cap, Model GD505-127, 40-2065008, Pierce Governor GC2801 112 Gas Engine 8071 NOS Speed Control Hoof Old Military, hoof governor pierce ford industrial straight ??? In the case of governors that use flyballs, check the balls to make sure they dont have any flat spots, pits, or damage. We have this special section called Ask Dr. Diesel where you can pose questions about engines, transmissions, industrial hand clutches, exhaust scrubbers, etc. Rotate the engine to determine if the ring gear at any point touches the bolt. Only at the Governor Shop, we rebuild these actuators and offer exchange units. I could sure use one. not yet. Also, check to make sure there isnt too much play in the governor shaft. Both Hoof Products and the Pierce Company are now no longer offering governors. Cancels out. 8. Hoof. It is designed to be installed on industrial engines such as Continental, Hercules, Allis-Chalmers, Perkins, GM, Ford Industrial, and others. The first step is to locate the mag pickup correctly over the flywheel ring gear which is inside the flywheel housing. But properly set up it will work nicely. In operation, the governor output (rocker) shaft has 15 of movement. Gilmore Global Instruments has specialized in the distribution and manufacture of gauges and related accessories since 1950. Since then there have been significant changes in the industry. #1. Your old governor will have a Hoof model number stamped in the housing. This also includes anyother item that accompanies a complete control system for a vehicle or piece of heavy equipment. I changed the belt on my 632 yesterday and spun the governor pulley and it didn't appear to have any resistance. 04-Mar 00:51, Hoof Model K-313 Governor Kit CHEV-235 NOS, VINTAGE HOOF GOVERNOR ORIGINAL HOT RAT ROD USED HOOF # 5-1 SOME SURFACE RUST, NEW GENUINE HOOF GOVERNOR BD540B FORD 300 CID CSG-649, HOOF GOVERNOR E1TZ-12450-A NOS FORD TRUCK, 2 #s6008 2 , Vintage HOOF GOVERNOR Model HC-1B Working Condition Everything Moves Nicely, HOOF REPLACEMENT VELOCITY GOVERNOR 2000-3000 RPM FORD 300 TUG CLARK 993610 4.9L. SKU: PG-RK200 $175.00. To determine proper pulley size for the Hoof governor, use the following formula: If the Hoof Governor is driven from an auxiliary pulley other than the crankshaft pulley, determine the speed of the auxiliary pulley by this formula: With the Auxiliary pulley speed established, determine the proper Hoof governor pulley size with the first formula, substituting the auxiliary pulley speed for the engine speed. Daphne, AL 36526 Not yet sure how to handle the actuator seal. If this is not the case, it is necessary to reverse the direction of travel of the carburetor lever OR of the governor lever (by rotating the governor lever 180 around the rocker shaft). Extensive inventory of new and refurbished products from Woodward, Governors America, Motortech, Heinzmann, Hoof/Pierce Governors. Our kits are complete and come with an actuator, controller, and a magnetic sensor or pick-up device to measure engine speed. Foley universal governor installation is made easier with this helpful guide. BUMPER SCREW: The bumper screw F is ONLY used to remove a no -load surge. You don't happen to have a digital copy of the parts manual you could share do you? Would be willing to buy and pay for shipping. You must log in or register to reply here. Reinstall governor lever, sensitivity adjuster, high speed spring and adjuster and it's ready for reinstalling on the engine and setting the high idle speed. We offer all major brands and are the worlds largest stocking distributor for Datcon products. HOLLEY R6594 MODEL 1920 CARBURETOR $ 325. Founded in 2012, The Governor Shop is locally owned and operated in Western Canada. So basically all it is.. is a early vintage version of todays modern aftermarket Rev limiters.typically found on all those Tuners and Rice burning vehicles. Fig. If necessary, free up and align all linkages to remove any binding, and lubricate all friction points. Re: 1959 Lincoln SA-200 governor adjustment IF it's in fact a governor issue and not a fuel delivery problem then you'll need to adjust the sensitivity which will require additional adjustment to the speed spring. Gilmore Global Instruments. There are a few different options for repair materials that are popular in NZ. The centrifugal force is counteracted by the governor spring. We continue to this day, growing The Governor Shop by providing exceptional 24/7 technical support services and sales for the rotating equipment and controls industry. NOTE: The length of the Zenith carburetor lever (from center of shaft to center of hole) must be no more than 7/8-inch. I am asking this for a customer of mine--he has a 20RZ that uses the common belt driven governor found on lots of Kohlers of that era on the 2.3L Ford engine. Hand, eye and ear protection. Just goes to show you. Some of the modern hoof repair materials are easily applied to the hoof and can rebuild areas of hoof wall that is missing - from a relatively small chunk to a large area that has either been lost or removed in the treatment of disease. When reinstalling the governor, make sure the timing marks on the governor drive gear and camshaft gear are in register. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Turning it by hand, it should spin freely. Release all spring tension, and operate the throttle lever manually to check for binding or lost motion in the linkage. This Tech Tip, one of a series we publish for the engine industry, shows how to install this speed sensor. 119 W Rollingwood Dr. Pinehurst, TX 77362-3453. This Pierce governor will accurately control the speeds of your engine to obtain the most satisfactory performance from your equipment. Looks good! SEE TECH TIP #80, Governors on Industrial Engines: A Brief Overview at www.foleyengines.com for more info. Be aware that the center of the ring gear will be an additional .25 further in than the distance you just measured with your ruler. Governor Greg Abbott today has charged Tri-Agency Workforce Partners, including the Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Education Agency and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board with developing an education and workforce training plan to support the rebuilding of communities . CALL 1-800-233-6539. Still keeping that option open via having a mate in the US purchase and send to me if I cannot source parts in Canada. . You are using an out of date browser. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. If youre not sure of your ability to overhaul or rebuild the governor as instructed in your repair manual, you might consider sending it out to one of the shops that specialize in governor restoration. And I asked the same questions! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright - Gilmore Global Instruments - Designed by. Freshly rebuilt Caterpillar Mechanical Governor, using only genuine CAT parts. Pulley: Grainger PN# 3X909m (will need to drill to 15mm ~ 19/32"). MOUNTING HOOF GOVERNOR TO ENGINE: Mount the Pierce governor on bracket using 3/8-inch machine bolts, with lock washer under nut. What does it do? 1 Barrel Carburetor Governor, 2.8" Slotted Mounting, 1.69" Bore Dia. LUBRICATION: Ref. If anyone is out there who has experience rebuilding these governors I welcome input. Red Seal Endorsed, factory trained and certified technicians, with over 35 years experience. The man - primary operator of it - operated it from 1956 to 1962, and then it was parked/junked in a field in western Oklahoma (trust me, he got his money's worth out of it!). Website by FirstTracks. Completely redesigned, fully tested. Trademark Office. Aug 4, 2018. Complicated little beast, for . The belt driven unit from a Ford 300 is most likely a Pierce or Hoof centrifugal governor. #6. Pulley: Grainger PN# 3X909m (will need to drill to 15mm ~ 19/32"). Hoof Governor Instructions 5. Toggle Submenu for Tech Tips From Dr Diesel, : Huge Industrial Engine Products Inventory, Governors on Industrial Engines: A Brief Overview, Foley Scrubbers Featured in Construction Equipment Guide, Award from WPT: Foley Engines Received Top Sales Award, Tech Tip #239: Twin Disc / WPT IBF314 Pilot Bearing Installation Made Easy, Tech Tip #238: Ford Industrial Clutches Made Easy. This forces the governor output lever to the wide open throttle position. Less is even better. Your Price: $21.00 312659 Years:1958-64 Pin (Front Axle) . Replace the bushing or bearing if necessary. Power to build ties to engine users. Place some tension on governor spring. Operating at lower governor shaft speeds might result in sluggish governor action. Pierce Governor Rebuild Kit With New Upper Arm. 2-3 minor surges before stabilizing should be considered the most to be acceptable. "When we do this work, we always should . It may not display this or other websites correctly. We have this special section called Ask Dr. Diesel where you can pose questions about engines, transmissions, industrial hand clutches, exhaust scrubbers, etc. Hours of Operation:Monday - Friday 8 A.M. 6 P.M.Saturday 8 A.M.- 2 P.M. After-Business Hours by Appointment (Emergency Services Available), Pierce Governor Rebuild Kit With New Upper Arm Copyright 2023 Foley Industrial Engines, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Now I have a nice Hoof Governor for sale very cheap!!! Only at the Governor Shop, we rebuild these actuators and offer exchange units. The Foley Universal Governor has been manufactured to exacting standards by the Hoof Governor Company. Mechanical governors have been used for many years in a variety of engines. Next to the brakes, there are few things more important to your safety when operating your treasured old iron than the engine governor. Should I feel something or should it rotate freely? (I.e., a 4-inch long lever will move the rod one inch). PIERCE GOVERNOR PULLEY: This Pierce governor is designed to give best performance at GOVERNOR SHAFT speeds from 1600 to 2800 RPM, when the ENGINE is running at desired speeds. THEN, adjust the length of the linkage so that, when it is attached at the other end, the carburetor lever is also held at the wide open throttle position; just slightly off the carburetors wide open stop (up to 1/16-inch) is preferable. To see all exchange delays and terms of use, please see https://www.barchart.com/solutions/terms. Springs in Zenith carburetor or throttle mechanism opposing governor action. JavaScript is disabled. Contact us with the information below, or by filling out the form Tractor & Industrial Parts Co 25660 Austin Rd Daphne, AL 36526 Email: sales@hoofgovernors.com Telephone: 251-626-0066 Toll-Free: 1-800-633-1834 Fax: 251-272-3610 After Hours Contact: 251-509-3586 Find Us On The Map Below The governor throttle lever H is now in wide-open throttle position. Still looking for parts. Category: PIERCE GOVERNOR. 9195 Winkler Suite D. Houston, TX 77017. Pierce Governor P/N: GC-338-ARD; Hoof Governor P/N: GD-899A; The governors are identical in mounting and carburetor linkage installation. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE AT FOLEY ENGINES WEEKDAYS FROM 9:00 AM UNTIL 4:30 PM, EASTERN TIME. Hoof Governor Pierce gc1960 83 Ford Industrial Straight??? This governor can be used in place of Cummins part number 3395960. Before starting engine, remove pipe plug K. Pour oil into oil cup L until it runs out of housing. This item is out of stock. Our experience started with Alberta Governor Service Inc. over 20 years ago. I found one of those under my carb, too - identical. HOOF GOVERNOR; HOOF GOVERNOR $200.00. Toll Free: 888-946-8499. Phone: (281)356-2902. 800-999-6632. Industrial engines parts and agricultural farm tractor parts, Supplying both Belt Driven and Velocity Type, Learn more about the company and what we can provide for you, For more information about Hoof Governors, click the image above, Its important to follow these instructions when replacing a governor. 713-946-6703 Their internally mechanisms are totally different. Replace the bushing or bearing if necessary. Push the slide stop down to where the ruler is at the back edge of the flywheel housing transfer this measurement, e.g., the distance from the end of the bell housing to the ring gear, to the top of the bell housing, adjusting as necessary if the top of the bell housing is curved. I like to say I bought a truck with great patina - and everything else needed fixed. As a result, we are helping people upgrade to electronic governors made by Governors America Corp into existing as well as new applications.