Married at First Sight's Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben are looking to the future YouTube There's clearly no love lost between them, as Shiben revealed during a May 2020 appearance on Married at First Sight alums Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner 's podcast, Hot Marriage Cool Parents (via Reality TV World ) that she was relieved to break it off with him. Dangerous situations aside, Calvin believes that most marriages can be saved. Our people are our strength, and our differences are celebrated. He's like a street cat,' she told hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson. With an excellent education as part of her resum, Domynique is doing well on her career path, but she thinks the next step is to settle down with someone special. We dont know who, but the season gets intense and takes a shocking twist when one brides husband makes an indecent proposal to another mans wife. The usual traditions are at hand in . As usual, the couples will marry a complete stranger, travel to their honeymoons, and then move in together as husband and wife. 1. However, when a secret is revealed within one couple it threatens to break their marriage and future. Chris told Vincent that though he and his ex broke up in May, that wasnt the last time they had sex. To find out if Katie and Derek are still working on their relationship or if shes moved on romantically with Zach tune in to the reunion episode of Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content), airing Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Lifetime. Evan Morgan has 1165 posts and counting. Meanwhile, Zach refuses to be upfront and tell Mindy Shiben what she is allegedly dishonest about. Related: Married At First Sight: Chris Williams Drags Jamie & Doug Over Remarks. Zach has a way of talking in circles that confuses both his wife and the other Married at First Sight couples. Meanwhile, Katies husband Derek Sherman along with the rest of the cast looked shocked by the revelation. The couple celebrate their one-month anniversary but it looks like they're on thin ice. When shes not contributing to Screen Rant, she can usually be found in a dark corner, composing tales of fantastical futures. [CDATA[// >