Constructed from wood and iron, it is deemed to be the single most valued personal possession after livestock. It may not display this or other websites correctly. In this case, pending chemical analysis, wildlife officials believe the poison was carbofuran - widely available in Kenya because it's used in the cut-flower . Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsys Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. "WaTutsi Tribe" (Rwanda) 60 Masai warriors went after the. I love that you are helping to mold a culture that works for an ever changing world. Etsy keeps your payment information secure. 9.99 0 bids 11.00 postage 3d 14h or Best Offer Click & Collect $700.00 Pair, Antique Maasai War Headdress Most of the large predators are actually very uneasy about fighting humans - because humans are relatively strong and agile, have a nasty punch on their fists and human bite is so filthy that it can easily cause septicemia. Once a boy has been circumcised (usually between ages 16 to 18), he stops being called by these names. Spear head Hadendoa tribe. 70 years old. It is made of water buffalo hide, and is nearly impenetrable. Always read labels, warnings, directions and other information provided with the product before using it. Amboselli, Maasai Village, Kenya Maasai Senior Warrior Wrist Guards $99.00, $110.00 I recomend him to anyone who wants to buy African aboriginal pieces! We're here to answer any questions you have, take an order, or even setup a payment plan. The Never Unarmed Maasai Spear blends the design of the traditional East African Maasai spear with tough modern materials and utilitarian design to create a tough and practical fighting spear. Maasailand is also home to one of Kenya's most effective lion conservation initiatives to date, the Predator Conservation Fund (PCF), which compensates herders when they lose livestock to. 67" African Masai Mara Lion Hunting Spear Pre-Owned $224.95 Top Rated Plus Buy It Now ourplace-okc (15,265) 100% +$34.95 shipping Free returns Sponsored Handcrafted, African Tribal Inspired, Lion Spear, Masai, Congo, Mad Max Brand New $110.00 hahil-ba-jawlpu (417) 100% or Best Offer +$77.60 shipping Sponsored Miniature Beaded Assegai (*South Africa Knobkerrie) These names convey prestige and honour to the warrior among his peers and community at large. Vijay, Great the such a simple initative yields such great results:). Lions and Maasai perceptions . Copyright 2023 Fagan Arms All Rights Reserved. As a matter of fact, it was prohibited to hunt a female lion-- unless the lioness posed threat to livestock or human life. The Maasai believed that female lions are the bearers of life in every species, hence; it was prohibited to hunt. The shield is 43" long and 28" across. Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers and Valuers: auctioneers of art, pictures, collectables and motor cars Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. iTZ NeWz 1.07K subscribers 9.9K views 5 years ago It has been their tradition for a long period of time in Maasai tribe that for a boy to. Price: $140. Evidently indicating that it was used by an educational department, probably from a missionary society as was the custom. As seen in T.V. However, the Maasai communities are beginning to discourage lion killing, due to the rapidly dwindling lion population; therefore many new warriors are not being given the opportunity to earn themselves a lion name, which is something that they have been dreaming about since childhood. arrows and spears. Cowtail binding Customer service is here & ready to take your call. As Seen on Survivor We accept PayPal Payments only and can be paid via PayPal with any credit or debit card. 4) Guarantee; I guarantee that all of the artifacts that I list to the best of my knowledge are legally obtained and are 100% authentic and unaltered in modern times unless otherwise noted. After several forging failures, parameter mishaps, and intense conditions only two smiths head back to their home forges where they must recreate the deadly Maasai Lion Spear. The Maasai did not hunt lions for fun. ZULU IKLWA The lions of Tanzania's Ngorongoro Conservation Area horrifically killed three school children this month, drawing sympathy worldwide. Larger spears are more suited to elephant and buffalo hunting and other smaller spears are better suited for birds, squirrels, and small ground animals. The Maasai ( / msa, msa /; [3] [4] Swahili: Wamasai) are a Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting northern, central and southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. I also request all Masai Morans to adapt to this practice & show true strength. Ships fast via express courier. Maasai warrior Kamunu Saitoti had been hunting for the better part of a day when at last he came across lion tracks in the dusty soil. Maasai Warrior Spear Stoneage Arts Global. An African Masai spear from Kenya that is carved out of wood with 2 spear heads on each side of the spear. This fabled implement of the mature Maasai Moran or warrior is one of the most distinctive spears in the world with its long, narrow blade, short wooden handle and heavy counterbalancing butt spike or shoe.The spear is a warrior's most precious possession and never . for Desk Ornament or Project Pointer Accepted authenticators are 1) Bill Jackson of Jackson Galleries /The Artifact Co. 2) Ben Stermer of Western Typology and 3) Robert Butler of Butler Authentications. Only one spear available, SOLD Kenya Africa hand crafted Maasai Masai Mara 5 ft. 3 in. the Maasai's Morans (Warriors) will spear any lion they see in that territory to destroy lion population in the area," said the top Tanzanian hunting company owners who prefer to remain anonymous saying . Very nice collection! COLD CAST BRONZE This seller usually responds within a few hours. ANTIQUE AFRICAN LION HUNTING OR WARRIOR BRONZE LARGE SPEAR, C.1900 399.00 Click & Collect Free postage or Best Offer SPONSORED Spear 19.22 Free postage SPONSORED GOOD LARGE VINTAGE SOUTH AFRICAN ZULU WOODEN ASSEGAI CEREMONIAL DANCE SPEAR NR! A Maasai saying: "If, when the sun rises, the heavens are red, the Masai say it will rain; and if, when the sun sets the sky is the color of blood, they say that there are some warriors out raiding who have been successful.". MAASAI LION KILL / BUFFALO KILL SPEARS $640.00 Pair. Also on Saturday from 1:00 - 6:00 pm. $140.00 per pair, Rungu Tanzania's Maasai warriors once killed lions. Kalenga, Iringa, Tanzania 28 inches Age: Approx Seventy Years Call us at +309 342-5800 Tuesday - Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. They are also expected to perform the hard work around the encampment. The paint on this shield is a mixture of natural and commercial pigments. Warriors that spear a lion early in their training are the most respected. Show, "The Librarian: "King Solomon's Mines" The park is home to as many as 370 species of birds and you can expect to see zebras, wildebeest, spotted hyenas, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, buffalo, warthogs, impalas, jackals and leopards. [5] More photos upon request. $400.00 (left) | SOLD (right), SOLD Maasai Senior Warrior Wrist Guards Their reserves span the borders of Kenya and Tanzania in the Great Rift Valley, surrounded by Mt. Blade: 14.4 inches long Zulu Iklwa (Shaka Stabbing Spear) Tetela War Spears If you want to buy African aboriginal hunting spears this seller is at the top of his game! For a Maasai warrior, Ngorongoro has been a mecca for ritual lion hunts, so-called Olamayio (or Alamayo). So there is more pressure than ever for a young Moran to distinguish himself from his other nameless peers and get a name that recognizes his strength, fearlessness and ability to protect his community. We hope this will continue to have exactly the firearm you are expecting delivered to you. (10% off), Sale Price $81.00 Please try again. And in the old days Maasai morani would spear the lion to death and that usually did the trick. We found that the younger boys and girls of the community began addressing these young Moran by these lion names, and soon thereafter, the older members of the community did so as well. handle with a 27" Pike or spike on the other end. This item was as described and perfect in every way! "They were attacked by natives with poisoned I like the design and colors of those shields. Lion have been killing Maasai stock for aeons. Almost identical to matched set in 1B. See item details for return and exchange eligibility. ERITREAN AXE (TIGRE TRIBE) $800.00. Acquired near Tungela River, Tchokwe Tribal Knife This is not a guarantee of Condition, Attribution, or of Age and are backed with a 14 day inspection period and return. I met Phillip and a Maasai Lion Guardian when I was in Kenya in August 2011. As seen in T.V. However this seller had exactly what I wanted, REAL AUTHENTIC African hunting spears! We take intellectual property concerns very seriously, but many of these problems can be resolved directly by the parties involved. Top of the blade shows minor impact distortion-$899 BUY NOW, 7 Very old, heavily built 74 Moran spear-$849 BUY NOW, 8 Very old 72 heavily built Moran spear with great craftsmanship-$849 BUY NOW, 9 Very old 71.5 Moran spear with long, thin, beautifully crafted blade -$849 SOLD, 10 Very old 71.5 Junior Moran spear with thick black blade -$849 BUY NOW, 11 Very old 71.5 Moran spear with long, thin, beautifully crafted blade -$849 BUY NOW, 12 Very old 71.5 Junior Moran spear with long, thin, beautifully crafted razor sharp blade. Lions outside protected areas thus represent a threat to Maasai livelihoods by preying on livestock where they come in contact. Maasai hold games at Amboseli National Park in Kenya in a wildlife sanctuary at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro Traditional spear-throwing, high-jump events and rungu club throwing along with. Maasai Mara Lion. A spear is a pole weapon used for stabbing with iron or fire-hardened tip. London: Routledge, 2003. Evidently indicating that it was used by an educational department, probably from a missionary society as was the custom. Learn traditional customs and skills such as spear throwing and Maasai dance. Made in Kenya, Africa.--Select 2 at checkout & receive free shipping on the 2nd item! See Jewelry 2B, Zulu LION CLAW NECKLACE Spears are a warrior's most precious possession and are used for defending herds and the community against predators. No wire work. This was not trophy hunting, which, too often, involves so-called sports hunters waiting in a safely concealed. Bestgemdiamond puts your order in the mail. The socket with white inked "Ed" number and Africa Kenya Masai. $485.00, Zulu Iklwa (Shaka Stabbing Spear) Discounts available to previous customers. Colonial Period (copper weave binding) . There are countless romanticized tales that center around these tall, imposing Maasai giants, fighting courageously against man and beast. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. $ 250.00, LION CLAW CHIEF'S NECKLACE It's 100% free. The exhibit spear has been sold. 196 Maasai Spear Stock Photos, Images & Pictures Most relevant Best selling Latest uploads Within Results People Pricing License Media Properties More Safe Search zulu zulu shield Browse 196 professional maasai spear stock photos, images & pictures available royalty-free. Captcha failed to load. Turning off personalized advertising opts you out of these sales. Learn more in our Privacy Policy., Help Center, and Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. Lots without Certification or COAs are described to the best of my ability based on my experience and knowledge. This long selection is well balanced and exhibits expert metal working technique. Warriors are protectors of the tribe. We suggest that such a classication is unhelpful predominantly pastoralist people who inhabit the savannah and, moreover, stems from an incomplete understanding of grasslands of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. The shaft of the spear has a carving of a Masai tribesman into it which adds to the look of the spear. You can check our feedback on ebay here: We look forward to building the same level of trust with our clients here on Etsy. Made in Kenya, Africa.--Select 2 at checkout & receive free shipping on the 2nd item!--Select Handle wood type at checkout. Metal counterweight on the bottom and nicely formed spear head with very long socket-$499 BUY NOW, 32 46 Hippo spear from the Sudan with ornately carved hexagonal top and bottom shaft. A Maasai warrior is rarely seen without a spear and shield. Brace of spears: "Lion Kill" Please. The spear has long been the weapon of choice of the Maasai. Original Price $63.00 Please contact the seller if you have any problems with your order. The shipping was speedy. from North Tanzania This seller consistently earned 5-star reviews, shipped on time, and replied quickly to any messages they received. Acquired near Eshowe, Zululand, He He Spear A warrior with a lion name feels that something great has happened to him. $800.00, Samburu War Club The text and video of Richard Turere's invention work together to introduce and explain the impact of his invention in Kenya and around the world. Original Price $110.00 $240, Swazi Axe (date unknown) $850.00, Pre-Shaka Umkonto They will look fabulous with our African decor in our living area. $340.00 Just to think that these items were used to hunt lions it makes me think of deepest darkest Africa during Mr. Stanley and Mr. Livingston's time. Payment using PayPal 3% usage fee added. Star Sellers have an outstanding track record for providing a great customer experiencethey consistently earned 5-star reviews, shipped orders on time, and replied quickly to any messages they received. Dark ebony wood denotes a senior warrior, where lighter wood indicates a junior. A Maasai warrior is rarely seen without a spear and shield. Masai Lion spear from Kenya Enquire About This Item Description Heavy African spear, used by the Masai of Kenya. The seme (ol alem), or lion's sword, is the constant sidearm of the Maasai man. Meru, and Mt. N'AIROBI, Kenya Several Masai women, heads shaven and wearing the rustred dresses that are the virtual uniform of their tribe, sat on the ground by the dirt road intersection. The double end spear has a 38" lance blade made of cold steal on one end attached to an Ebony wood??? Total Length 50.6 inches Maasai are a tural'. All lots Certified or with COAs by a third party Grading or Authentication service are Guaranteed As Described with NO returns. Wooden wrapped center handle. Original Price $150.00 The spearhead is 33 inches long. The 33 inch long heavy iron spear head was designed specially to bring down lions. Copyright Science Museum of Minnesota, 2004-2023, except where noted. 19th Century Zulu Iwisa Love & Peace, Spear Collection from the Congo only at African Sporting Creations, Century Old Maasai Warrior Shields only at African Sporting Creations, Greetings from African Sporting Creations, A true example of reflecting once bravery. Colonial Era Zulu Iklwa The shield still has most of its original paint on the front of it in the shape of a lions face. This spear type, AS SHOWN, is used to hunt medium size game such as gazelle, warthogs, leopards, lions, & baboons. $395, Swazi War Clubs (old) Lengai. $800.00, SOLD I'm not responsible for delays due to customs. Also Maasai War Clubs A warrior with a lion name feels that something great has happened to him. $700.00, Tutsi Sickle Knife Last Saturday, 160 young Maasai (120 men and 40 women) competed in the 5th biennial Maasai Olympics finals. Throughout the tribe's. Masai in Kenya kills a big male lion with their spears JohnVarty 89.7K subscribers Subscribe 10K 2M views 3 years ago A big male lion took a Masai cow. (10% off), Sale Price $99.00 In the rainy season, the . Safari Boots, Knives, Shooting Sticks, Furniture & More - All in One Place. Unless the predator gets to ambush or surprise t. . (10% off), Sale Price $72.00 His face looked like leather, no doubt burnt many times by the scorching . Enhanced by delicate hand painting of the Lion hunting was an ancient tradition among the Maasai, the semi-nomadic tribe that ply their existence herding livestock in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. Why not take a look around our website and see what we have to offer? 509-405-8677 Answered by CorporalTank10039 on Maasai lion hunts were a battle to the death between two worthy adversaries. $700.00, Maasai Spears . $135.00, $150.00 There was a problem calculating your shipping. Materials: High Carbon Steel, Cowhide Leather, Beads, Cedar Wood, Acacia Wood. ZULU IWISA The Maasai culture has been impacted by colonization by the British in the 1900s and the globalization and tourist industry of current times. Price: $140. Of all the cats in the Maasai Mara, the Lion is the only one that commands much admiration and respect. The items shown are a small sampling of our collection. ****This item was on displayMay 8 - June 29, 2012: "Indigenous Peoples and Food Sovereignty" An exhibition in recognition of Indigenous Peoples on the occasion of the Eleventh Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Visitor's Lobby, General Assembly Building, UN Headquarters, NYC. If you have any questions, message the seller. The weapon has a three piece configuration. $900.00, Antique Maasai War Headdress Museum quality There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. Museum Quality Message me with any questions, custom orders, or to buy in bulk. Click the button below to add the Maasai Lion Spear: On Display at United Nations to your wish list. All items are insured for shipping "NO EXCEPTIONS". The blade is made of wood and later covered with raw hide. Excellent condition with good age character and old collection number to the wood. Armed with a spear, these youths became men in the process, returning to the tribe . Wood separates the leaf-shaped blade from the sharpened end. SOLD There may have been something over looked while writing a description that your salesman will catch for you. Maasai Spear Original Fully Functional 38IN Handmade Kenya Africa Wood Iron Beads Cowhide Covers Sharp Hunting Animal Game Wall Decoration Bestgemdiamond (640) $56.70 $63.00 (10% off) Unique hand carved African spear wood wooden shank metal knife spear 3 pc. Absolutely awesome weapon for protection against the elements. The Maasai of Matapato: A Study of Rituals of Rebellion. worn by actress Gabrielle Anwar. The 33 inch long heavy iron spear head was designed specially to bring down lions. Accepted authenticators are 1) Bill Jackson of Jackson Galleries /The Artifact Co. 2) Ben Stermer of Western Typology and 3) Robert Butler of Butler Authentications. Sellers are responsible for following applicable laws and regulations, including posting items with accurate labeling and warnings. Show Piece - Blade 22 inches This should make the possibility of returning a firearm less likely. 5 people have this in their carts right now. Cows are rarely slaughtered for meat, but their milk is part of a Maasai's daily diet. $72.00, $80.00 After you place your order, Bestgemdiamond will take 1-3 business days to prepare it for shipment. When a Maasai boy is born, he has two names. $37.50 Pair, LWENA - AFRICAN CEREMONIAL AXE Maasai warriors are known for being strong and courageous. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. If you return any artifact that has not been looked at by a qualified authenticator , your refund will be less S/H/I and any associated fees. The blade is made of steel while the scabbard is made of raw cattle hide colored red. The spears offered for sale now are the exact type of spears that was on exhibit. Helpful hints to be a better label writer. (Eastern Angola,Western Zambia) As hunting lions became more restricted, animal bone was utilized to replicate claws and teeth. Museum quality Top of the blade shows minor impact distortion-$899 SOLD, 6 Very old, beautifully built 74 Moran spear with long wide blade. Spears are used as walking sticks and staffs, most commonly seen thrust in the ground by the warrior's side. Well balanced. The name Amazigh is near to the word Amazone. He also has a given name, which is usually chosen to honor a family friend, or someone respected by the family. A Maasai had to kill a lion single handed with one of these spears before becoming a warrior. the Maasai and the Lion King: authenticity, nationalism, and globalization in African tourism EDWARD M. BRUNER University of Illinois In this article, I analyze how the Maasai of Kenya are presented in three differ-ent tourist performances-postcolonial, postindependence, and postmodern Each site tells a different story, an alternate version of history, with its own perspective on the role of . Turning off the personalized advertising setting wont stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalization technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. warriors jewelry Maasai (Morani) Warriors Etsy assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, labeling, or content of sellers' listings and products. per pair, SOLD Each piece is one-of-a-kind. We learned of an elder in Danny's village who wore a lion mane headdress. $600.00, Antique Maasai War Headdress Ovambo Tribe (Namibia) Rare Lion Claw Necklace We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. This piece is an Original 60" Maasai tribe SPEAR. And I myself am going to being buying more from him in the future he is at the top of his game and best of the best! 2) ) Shipping; We do not make ANY money off of this fee!! $800.00, Parang ihlang The arrow heads detach from the wooden shaft/ handle so can be stored when traveling and only placed on the spear when needed. arrows and spears. Termed a lion spear, these were traditionally used by young men in a rites of passage to kill a lion to attain adulthood. $42.99 $42.99 "Close (esc . Spears & Shields. Two piece. Killing a lion was the culminating test of initiation into Warriorhood for a young Maasai Warrior. Bob my friend from Sydney went to Safari firearms yesterday to pick up some stuff & looked at the Marlin 35 REM for me, they want $1900 for it with a tasco scope, & $1600 with out scope i think its a $900 rifle at the most thank you for the lead but i will not pay that much. Rungu on left of photo is $85. More photos upon request. Crafted from ecologically harvested Neem trees by a member of the Akoma ethnic group. The spear can be made portable and fits neatly into a bag. 4. Not for Sale, Zulu Beaded Stabbing Spears To enable personalized advertising (like interest-based ads), we may share your data with our marketing and advertising partners using cookies and other technologies. Their bright red robes set them apart visually. Other people want this. $700.00, SOLD New York, NY: The Rosen Publishing Group . It is traditional for a young Maasai man, called a moran, to kill a lion with a spear to prove himself as a man. Maasai Ceremonial Spears True Strength lies in protecting the helpless! Today these Lions need your precious protection. Car & Truck Safety & Security Accessories, Kenyan flag handmade African leather masai masaai maasai shield, Vinyl Wall Decal Female Silhouette Masai Warrior With Spear Stickers (g4121), Masai Moran with spears at Mianzini Kenya in 1889 OLD PHOTO, Frank Frazetta Legacy 1999 Art Page Book Frame Suitable Masai Warrior Lion Spear, MASAI MARA LION HUNTING SPEAR 19TH CENTURY, Unique hand-carved Maasai warrior African wooden spear Masai Mara Kenya Africa, Karl Hagenauer (1898-1956) 'Masai Warrior at the Spear' - Wood and Copper, Masai warriors,their gleaming spears at the wedding,Arusha,Tanganyika,Tanzania, Masai Warriors with Spears at Wedding,Arusha,Tanganyika,Tanzania,Africa,1936, Masai Warriors with their spears at Wedding,Arusha,Tanganyika,Tanzania,Africa, UGANDA MASAI WARRIOR SPEAR KNOBKERRY SWORD C 1930 PHOTO ILLUSTRATION PRINT, (3) Antique 1910 African Masai Tribe Lion Spear Kill Roosevelt Hunting Postcards, Vintage LIFE Magazine July 17, 1964 Carrol Baker with Masai Warriors Kenya Spear, ANRI Italy wood art sculpture Africa Masai Zulu warrior hunter tiger hut spear, National Geographic Magazine October 1954 Spearing Lions in Africa's Masai, VTG NIB Playmobil Special 4685 Masai Warrior Retired Shield & Spear African, MIN0214 kenya masai war dance types etnics folk costumes music spears, MAN-EATERS AND Masai Spears By Charles Ludwig, VINTAGE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC October 1954 WILLIAMSBURG Spearing Lions with Masai, Playmobil SPECIAL 4685 African Masai Warrior w shield spear sword NEW NRFB 2008, GOLDEN IVORY 1954 LOBBY CARD MASAI WARRIORS WITH SPEARS, Africa Tanzania MASAI WOMEN BUILDING HOUSES MEN w/ SPEARS 11997 808ax NEAR MINT, MAN-EATERS DON'T KNOCK AND MAN-EATERS AND MASAI SPEARS TWO By Charles Ludwig, Africa MASAI WOMEN BUILDING THATCHED HOUSES & MEN w/ SPEARS 11997 T484 19628 fx, Africa Tanzania MASAI WOMEN BUILDING HOUSES MEN w/ SPEARS 11997 808b, Africa ~ MASAI WOMEN BUILDING THATCHED HOUSES & MEN w/ SPEARS ~ 11997 19449 fx, Africa MASAI WOMEN BUILDING THATCHED HOUSES & MEN w/ SPEARS 11997 T242 20093 fx, Africa Tanzania MASAI WOMEN BUILDING HOUSES MEN w/ SPEARS 11997 808bx NEAR MINT, Africa MASAI WOMEN BUILDING THATCHED HOUSES & MEN w/ SPEARS 11997 T484 19627 fx, Handcrafted, African Tribal Inspired, Lion Spear, Masai, Congo, Mad Max, Midcentury Masai Shields & spears Kenya/Tanzania Early 1900s, Collectible African Figures & Sculptures (1900-Now), Collectible Modern Factory Manufactured Folding Knives.
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