Also, the average frequency and severity of repairs is lower than other vehicles, making the Santa Fe one of the most reliable . Your email address will not be published. Nonetheless, while making a buying decision, it is important to scrutinize every little detail to reach the best outcome. Pulled into parking lot. On occasions however, if the filter cannot automatically clean itself, driver input may be required to help the cleaning process. ABS unit may cause a fire in the engine compartment. Tried to dial 911, but had weak cell signal. The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe made its entry into the American market sometime around the fall of 2021, and since it has not been available for long, it is difficult to judge the vehicle and find any concerns that might irk the buyers. To get a better idea of which Hyundai Santa Fe has the most problems the fairest way is to compare models based on the number of vehicles sold in relation to the number of reported problems. Best results occur on roads that do not require stopping the vehicle. This was the most-reported problem on customer feedback site Car Complaints. February 6: Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid Lawsuit Over Battery Warranty news . I have a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe. The failure mileage was 75,000 and the current mileage was 78,000. . The goodI fell in love with this vehicle the moment I took it for a test drive. While remote start technology is available on a variety of different makes and models, the Hyundai mobile app updates improve the user experience by increasing simplicity and practicality. Gets up and down the road, including onto the highway great. Occupant detection system malfunction/ FMVSS 208. Little things that weren't so bad at first. Here's my promise to all of those looking for a brand new 2023 Santa Fe, I will speak truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth. 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe Common Problems, Issues, Recalls, and Reliability. After a while the it will work again. Exited the vehicle and walked towards the front to see smoke, at first, then saw flames coming from under the engine compartment. Ever since the SUV entered into its fourth generation in 2019, it has adopted a more streamlined yet sharp design and has embraced modernity gracefully. Youll want to hold the remote start button for 4 seconds after locking the door. This is reflective of the brands strategy to make Santa Fe the most revered choice in the segment. LKA (Lane Keeping Assist) helps to keep the vehicle between lane lines by alerting the driver by audible and visual alert that they have driven over a lane line without applying a signal. Without having to manually place a pin on your maps, you can see precisely where you parked. all problems of the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Power: When in this section, the vehicle is exceeding the Eco-friendly range and will increase fuel/energy consumption. The dealer said nothing wrong. Normal engine power will resume once oil pressure is restored. Note: Consumer Reports may have given the Hyundai Santa Fe a low ranking although other auto review sites have given much more favorable scores. I bargained the dealer down to "only" about $2,000 over msrp. But, how does the Korean SUVs ownership experience differ from its direct adversaries, lets find out? Their purpose is to prevent the wheels from locking up during heavy braking. If the immobilizer light flashes for a few seconds, it means the system cannot detect the smart key and the engine cannot be started. They refuse to admit something is drawing power from the battery in the off position. Edmunds members save an average of $721 by getting . On one owner had this to say: I have a new 2020 Santa Fe limited, windshield has lots of little chips and nicks after 2 months on road. When compared to the competitors, both the Kia Sorento and Honda CR-V have one recorded recall each. If the low oil pressure light comes on while driving, safely stop, switch off the engine and check oil levels. But its the hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants that are the best investments wherein all hybrid variants for the Hyundai Santa Fe have done a great job across their respective years. . Even the 2019 model has only one recall, while the 2021 model has three recalls. To do this, drive the vehicle at more than 50 mph (80km/h) for about 30 minutes (above 3rd gear with 1500 ~ 4000 engine rpm), or until the light goes off. Installing tires or wheels that do not meet the manufacturers recommendation and prevent the TPMS from functioning correctly. I am afraid if I would get stalled one fine day. Hit the lock button once. Normal brakes will however continue to work. "Camera issue as it related to have the vehicle steer straight". 2006 Hyundai 2.7l v6 santa fe has no problems when starting from cold or when hot but if started after resting 15 to 30 mins will start and move off but will not accelerate. So, since the 2022 model falls into the fourth generation of the SUV launched in 2019, it is important to understand the major problems that have plagued the SUV over the past few years. Wheel speed sensor are prone to damage either by road debris or by weather due to their location. The Hyundai Santa Fe uses the direct TPMS method. On 5/27 while I was driving the car with my 3 year old inside the car it stalled. Related: Hyundai Santa Fe Best & Worst Years? Warnings to help avoid problems. Forced regeneration can be carried out at an Hyundai workshop. Which Years Of Used Toyota Tundras Are Most Reliable? ABS, ESC and DBC are all related, so could be an issue with this. If it remains on or comes on while youre driving, it means theres a problem with: Faults often occur due to airbag sensors, airbag module, debris inside the seat belt buckles or dislodged multi-plugs under the front seats. Based on this index, the most problematic years are: If youre considering a Hyundai Santa Fe as your next car you might be wondering what its strengths and weaknesses are, Related: 8 Most Common Problems With Hyundai Tucson (Explained). This car has virtually EVERY feature offered on much higher priced SUVs. The fluid level should be between MAX and MIN marks on the side of the reservoir. Due to their placement, the bolts in the side airbags might interfere with the airbag at the time of deployment. Heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats. The cops came and push me out of the road and I was then able to restart. I asked the same Hyundai rep about this and he said you have to turn the car on, turn the wipers on and then quickly shut the car off when the wipers are in the up position. Su Nuraghe Due. Then the engine would not start on 4 separate occasions. Light scratches on the windshield of my car have never had a problem before on any of my cars and I have had many in the past 55 years many new ones and this glass scratches very easily have never used anything on it I have not . . MSRP $27,200 - $44,055 Est. As for the latest fourth-generation Hyundai Santa Fe lineup, owing to persistent issues and complaints, it is the 2019 Santa Fe that makes for a bad choice to go ahead with. Shop and buy your next car with confidence. If the ready indicator does not come on, normal driving may not be possible. Concerned over the possibility of it catching fire!, The car was parked for about four hours and suddenly catches fire, the reports says it was abs anti brake system!. 15. There you have it, my honest opinion on the car. An ABS wheels speed sensor is located at each wheel. And to an extent, Hyundai has been able to achieve its objectives. See This morning I went out to the driveway and could not get into car with either remote or by using blue link on my phone. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia was created in 1946 through the amalgamation of the former . The 2023 Kia Sorento has been finally revealed. In October same thing happened I got a new battery from the dealer. Leased a 2020 Santa Fe on April 24, 2020 and on July 9, 2020 it stalled and all the lights on my dashboard lit up like a christmas tree and after 20 mins. The new 2.5-liter turbo four-cylinder's 281 horsepower and 311 pounds-feet of torque, increases of 20% apiece, make . After trying to restart the vehicle for more than 15 minutes, it finally started. . After the system has been installed, you may utilize the buttons to transmit signals to the control module. Consumer Reports rankings detailed below is based on the models newest three years, the Hyundai Santa Fe sits near the bottom, with a relatively poor score of 26/100. Dealer said do the pressure in gas cap and gas cap not closed tight enough eval test was done. Ineligible Instrument cluster display/ FMVSS 101. You can go from 65 MPH to 85 MPH very quickly. Worst 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe Problems by Category Find something helpful? In some instances owners were left waiting unreasonable amounts of time for parts to arrive and to have the issue addressed. The response we received from Hyundai was that it is unfortunate but we should never have purchased the car from a friend and the responsibility for repairs lies with us at our expense. HOW MANY SPARK PLUGS DOES A DIESEL ENGINE HAVE? An engine compartment fire when parked can be a potential injury risk. I was only told the battery was an issue. When the outside temperature falls to approximately 4C (40F) or below, the icy road warning light illuminates. I didnt have the car for then a year. A top Calligraphy variant with all-wheel drive comes in at $43,750. Baltimore . I drove to the next stop light and the vehicle shut off again and would start. Backed by many consumer and critical ratings, the Santa Fe is a strong choice for any driver. Tell us what youre looking for and well search the inventories of every dealership in your area to make you a personalized list of the best car listings in your area. Aside from the benefits listed above, when it comes to dropping off your Hyundai, with the valet service you can set specific distance allowances that the vehicle can drive from a drop off site before you get an excessive mileage notification. Once again, just wish I had this information prior to purchasing and likely would have swayed me in another direction. all problems of the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe "The Hotel itself is quite small and has no barrier free entrance, not even a lift. Brake fluid levels do drop over time as brake pads wear. I drove home from work previous night and I was outside after dark next to my car, no lights left on. According to Car Complaints, this problem typically occurs at a mileage of 90,000 miles and costs $550 to fix. MSRP $27,200 - $42,660 Est. When the engine warning light illuminates, a fault code is typically generated and stored. Owners have reported that their phones get so hot that the phones actually shut down to prevent damage. Our list of 7 known problems, issues, recalls, and complaints reported by owners can help you fix your 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe. Tow truck arrived and was going to tow it from NY state to NJ dealer. (They originally wanted $12,000 over!). (They originally wanted $12,000 over!). Shocked in 2023 this is even an issue. The 4wd warning light illuminates when theres a fault detected with the Hyundai Santa Fe 4 wheel drive system. . Tl the contact owns a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe. If this is done on accident and the electronic portion of the key cannot be found then the car will not start. If the light remains on, or comes on or flashes while driving, it means theres a fault with the LED headlight. Order online. I start the car 2 to 3 a week. The vehicle was towed to an authorized dealer where it was being examined for the cause of failure. They checked everything and found nothing wrong. The following warning lights apply only to the hybrid version. Locking and unlocking your doors, on-demand notifications, diagnostics, and even a remote car locator tool for those hectic days of shopping or after a performance are all features you can handle. This problem has been reported on newer Santa Fe models, from 2018 onwards. But it still remains to come to a strong conclusion about the class. Find useful tips and solutions to maintain your Hyundai Santa Fe Classic in top condition. (With Facts & Stats). If you navigate to: Once the green light turned on, I pressed gas and the engine did not start and after couple of attempts all warning lights turned on and I was not able to use the key to start the engine aswell. While the outstanding complaints in 2019 stood at 70, this number came down to just 19 in 2021. Find a used Hyundai Santa Fe for under $27884 | Check out price savings and popular options here! Our engine has to be replaced at 77,000 miles. The contact stated that the vehicle would not start. I was told cap loose 8 plus times this problem is on going. Due to the imprecise tightening of the fuel pipe that connects the pump and the fuel rail, there is an increased chance of a fuel leak, which can lead to a fire in the presence of an ignition source. The ride is comfy, gets me sitting up high, gets great gas mileage (averaging above the 25/28 advertised since owned28.3mpg to be exact and have gotten 31 on some trips) and top safety pick+, which is huge, with great safety features. If the brake warning light remains lit when the parking brake is disengaged, it means the brake fluid level is low. ESC uses wheel speed sensors to detect individual wheel speeds and to make corrections by either braking individual wheels, or reducing engine output. Though the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe has had its fair share of complaints and the 2021 model year has the highest number of recalls, the SUVs performance cannot be deemed unsatisfactory. The Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), also known as the engine warning light comes on when the Hyundai Santa Fe has a fault wit the emissions control system. 2022 Hyundai Ioniq plug-in hybrid Hatchback. Having been slightly redesigned with the 2021 iteration, the Hyundai Santa Fe continues to look handsome and enticing. 2022, All rights reserved. Compared to structural flaws which are common, it is the issues with fuel line leakage and loose connections which possess a higher risk of injuries, although, there have been no records of any fires owing to fuel line leakages. Available in the U.S. since August 2021, the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe has been attracting complaints from owners since September 1, 2021. . #27 Best Value of 5,047 places to stay in Dusseldorf. The right back tire was locked up. If the EPB warning light remains lit, it means theres a fault with the Electronic Parking Brake. For details about the possible warnings related to the master warning light, see Hyundai orange triangle with an exclamation point. These things happened while in motion and parked. There are many valves, sensors and engine components that make up the emissions control system. I drove the vehicle back to the dealer and was told that there was a performance recall on the vehicle. Common reasons why the battery light is on can include: Although this warning light can come on when engine oil levels are low, its main purpose is to warn of low engine oil pressure, which can damage the Hyundai Santa Fe engine. There were also problems with the connecting rod bearings inside the engine which were known to wear out prematurely and are infamous for causing a knocking sound. Hyundai vehicles with Bluelink come with three years of free servicing. The 2022 J.D. What Do Owners Like and Dislike About the Hyundai Santa Fe? Find an affordable Used HYUNDAI SANTA FE with No.1 Japanese used car exporter BE FORWARD. This is causing my windows to frost while driving making visibility very hard. In many instances owners had to have a new engine fitted, outside of warranty this can be very expensive. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this design issue however it doesnt affect all models and for many people this wont be a huge issue. See In car warning lights, EPB stands for Electronic Parking Brake. Hyundai assured diligent and timely fixes here. I reported the incident and they claim to be unable to recapitulate the incidence. This light illuminates on your Hyundai Santa Fe dashboard when 4 wheel drive has been locked. A common problem that triggers this light is a faulty ABS wheel speed sensor. The Hyundai Santa Fe lineup has had a history of being a versatile vehicle with both daily driving capabilities as well as touring capabilities. . If the warning light flashes, then remains lit, it means the systems detected a fault. North Rhine-Westphalia, German Nordrhein-Westfalen, Land (state) of western Germany. 2019 HYUNDAI SANTA FE P.SUNROOF/E.TRUNK/AUTO HOLD. The FCA system can be prone to problems, especially in bad weather / snow ice etc where the forward facing camera at the top-center of the windshield and the radar in the vehicles front grille get blocked and covered with snow and ice. electrical problems 4 NHTSA complaints: 7 engine. The power gauge is divided into Charge, Eco and Power sections: On the Hyundai Santa Fe hybrid, the yellow brake warning light is an indication that the regenerative braking is operating as it should. (Solved),,,,,,, Hyundai Santa Fe Model Years With the Most Problems, Hyundai Santa Fe Reliability Compared to Similar Cars. Press the "hold" button on the bottom of the key fob. The Hyundai Santa Fe is equipped with an Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) system. If the battery light comes on while driving, switch off any electrical accessories and drive immediately to your nearest auto repair shop. Remote start, which has become almost second nature, allows the car to be electrically secured and unlocked, making it safer and more secure against theft. Damaged airbags may not inflate properly in event of a crash and may cause injury. Every type of media input. Subsequently there were multiple emergency indicators that got activated. Undoubtedly, it is the Toyota RAV4 that holds the fort in the segment with a clean slate in terms of recalls. For me, this is a huge deal since I do a lot of traveling to unfamiliar places and rely on Apple CarPlay. There isn't much . Sometimes it may be a temporary fault due to the EPS motor overheating. Windshields are designed to crack under impact but not from a falling acorn and they should withstand the odd stone chip. Engine reved, car accelerated rapidly, brakes did no hold and the vehicle plowed into and then on top of a safety barrier stopping just short of a chain link fence guarding a set of large propane tanks. We've been getting questions as to how the Electronic Parking Brake \u0026 Auto Hold work on Hyundais, so here is Cesar showing it on the Santa Fe Thank you for watching! DBC, or Downhill Brake Control assists the driver when descending steep slopes by automatically applying the vehicles brakes, so that the driver doesnt have to. In most instances, you will need to replace the fuel level sensor and gaskets. The warning light should then go off. Buy a new Hyundai Santa Fe for sale starting from $25567 | Check out the latest deals here! . The manufacture is totally dragging their feet and denying the car suffer a total electrical failure, while the battery was still in working condition according to aaa. The vehicle was a shell of metal and ash when it was towed away. Hyundai has a fair reputation of recalling vehicles with serious problems and taking desperate measures to fix the issue. Lets look explore the difference between gas and diesel engines and explore just how many spark plugs a diesel engine actually has. However, it is the history of engine compartment fires owing to ABS unit malfunction which have led to a total loss of the vehicle in a few cases. This occurred on sept 27, 2015. There are two cupholders, but besides the center console, nothing else. When you shop for a new or used car, CoPilot helps you know more. No lights, hazards, radio no nothing. Couldn't love my '23 Santa Fe Calligraphy more! Charge: When the needle is within the charge section, regenerative energy is being produced and stored back into the vehicles battery. The issue is that the left-hand side wiper blade does not fully cover the whole windshield on the left-hand side, causing a small section of the windshield to pool with water, therefore, reducing visibility. The following day driving on germantown road the vehicle shut off again at a stop light. Continued driving with the DPF / GPF warning light on may damage the filter and increase fuel consumption. There is a possibility that the speedometer, odometer, or tripmeter may not work. Also a faulty clutch switch can cause this on the Santa Fe. Top of the line navigation, even (in HD radio areas) gas prices and doppler radar. Hyundai Santa Fe owners have reported 19 Comfort features that are wonderful now that I live in Aurora Colorado., I just purchased this car on 8/11/21 and absolutely love it! Total Price $ 18,642 to . So now it is undrivable at gene messer Hyundai in lubbock texas, they say it's not safe to drive so I am driving a loaner. I also highly recommend the upgrade to Calligraphy trim which gives you the higher hp 2.5 4 cillinder turbo.
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