Most of it will be new gear that gives your witch or wizard new stats, as well as a fresh look. Then off into the far reaches of space you go, defending humanity from the threats that lie beyond earths borders. To do so you will need to deactivate cross save (doing so will trigger the 90 day cool down) then you can unlink your stadia, link the proper one and then reactivate after the cool down. I would really like the option to create a account for my son, so he can use the Destiny companion app. Also cannot, go back and edit his account to change his birth year. Additionally, you can also send out Bungie friend requests from within Destiny 2. And it worked perfectly. Shortly after agreeing, you'll be able to access your account from the new platforms, assuming you've purchased Destiny 2 to play on them. Now that youve sent out some friend requests, youre probably going to want to play with those friends. A year later and I still can't play with my kid. Destiny 2: How to Link Your Account to Steam for Transfer, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC Expansion Pass, Google Stadia Rep Confuses Destiny 2 Cross-Saves as a One-Time Character Transfer, Destiny Devs Troll PC Fans with Epic Store Joke, Activision Explains Why it Let Bungie Take Destiny IP, Destiny 2: 8 Pro Tips To Carry Your Team Through The Menagerie, Terapagos' Darwinian Implications Could be More Awkward for Pokemon Violet Players, Valve Reveals February's Most Played Games on Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is Adding a Classic GBA Game Next Week. Also having this problem, I don't know why Google cannot ask parent for permission to allow Bungie access the account. Click on thesend requestbutton to any friend you want to play with using the crossplay feature. That might include your PSN account, Xbox Live account, I'm having a similar issue. Theres simply no option to search for a Bungie name in the menu at this time. Destiny 2 Stadia Guide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. I wish he had said but first disable Cross Save. While . Take lockpicking as an example. Your gear, weapons, and loot across all platforms. Still not working About to buy an Xbox Series X instead of putting any money behind this. If there is a method now, that would be terrific to get my son playing with his Xbox characters on Stadia. Go to your profile picture at the top and you should see a menu option for "Cross-Save". On the Invite screen in-game, you can. I go to, log in, then click Cross Save. I connect my account but i don't have my save on stadia account.I'll try to connect and use the link you gave me.Thanks. Get it on Google play. Here, youre going to want to authorize or reauthorize the link between your Bungie and other accounts. And finally, in the Eververse section the player's Silver will be listed. `${userDetail.user.displayName}${userDetail.user.cachedBungieGlobalDisplayNameCode ? But I would hate to loose the Guardians that they created and leveled up in their own stadia accounts. So to send a friend request in-game, youll have to be logged into Destiny 2 on another platform like PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam. Simply open up the Director menu and then head to the Roster tab. By clicking 'Accept', you agree to the updated policies documented at, Our policies have recently changed. But since no one cares about Stadia and so few people have had this issue, itll never get fixed. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Which will be their in-game name plus the hashtag and whatever four numbers follow. Please visit to link a Steam account." If you wish to continue playing the game, you will need to transfer your data to Steam. I got three different stadia accounts as a free trial. Considering the effort that I put into figuring this out so my son could play, I really think they'll do the right thing. Baseball is back. Google says they have no way to change the number to my old number (I asked) and Bungie says they have no way of removing an account without authenticating it first. Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. I'm guessing the issue is due to his, account being a 'minor' or child account. There doesn't appear to be any fine print or warnings here. With the launch of Season of The Lost in Destiny 2 this past week, crossplay is here, and that means you can play the game on Stadia and play with all of your friends on different platforms. A warning will then be issued stating that all transfers will be final and to only link a Steam account that the user has full control over. Basically all you need to do is log in at , go to your profile/settings, and link all of your . Has anyone found a fix/workaround for this yet? Contact him at [emailprotected]. At this time, there's no known solution for this. Update March 13th, 2021, 5:30PM ET: This article was originally published on August 22nd, 2019, and has been updated to adjust for changes in the game. Please try again later. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Once you have transferred your data, you can no longer use such codes. While you may not think Hogwarts itself would be a very large area, Hogwarts Legacy's open world encompasses far more than just the titular castle. Bring Your Gear! How do you athenicate bungie I do have a bungie account. From the user's account settings, go to the "Accounts & Linking" section. I go to, log in, then click Cross Save. To do so, simply launch Destiny 2 from the Stadia app on your device of choice. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the updated policies documented at, {{client.users[message.memberFromId].displayName}}. I thought Bungie was asking people to migrate their blizzard accounts to bungie accounts. Step 7: A checkmark will confirm that your information has been transferred. The final step of the process is actually linking Steam to the user's account. There are a few games like Destiny 2 or Division 2 that supports cross play, but you need to authenticate with respective provider (Bungie and Ubisoft). Also cannot go back and edit his account to change his birth year. Next is all of a player's owned expansion content. Click on "send request" for the friends you want to play with. Gear and Guardians can be synced across PS4, Xbox, Stadia and Steam with Bungie's new Cross Save feature. Players can link their and Steam accounts right now and continue playing as normal up until the transfer on October 1. Follow this guide, and well have you back to exploring the skies in no time. Because it means you can have cross platform clans. I Prefer to control permissions like game access and account access instead of Google deciding for me. Disabling Cross Save for any reason results in having to wait 90 days before being able to enable it again. I think its a ploy by Stadia to make you buy Pro because the number behind my Stadia account name changed when I cancelled my Pro trial and downgraded to f2p. I'm, guessing I'd have no issues had I done that. And this guide is here to walk you through the things youll need to accomplish in order to enjoy this improvement that Bungie has made to the game. Prior to the move to Android Headlines Justin spent almost eight years working directly within the wireless industry. Once multiple Destiny 2 accounts are linked, the next page directs you to "Choose . Stadia Cross Save Troubleshooting Guide. I used to do the migration of my account to Steam, no problem on it. In the Game Content section, all of the player's purchased expansions should be listed. That's how it should be. At this point, they'll be within their account information settings, in the "Accounts & Linking" section. Go to and create your account using your Battle Net Once an account is created, you can click on your profile icon in the top right to open up a menu, go to Cross Save From there you'll be able to enable cross save for Destiny by migrating it into Steam. Scroll to the bottom and click "I Agree." I really hope you did the migration back then to Steam, because otherwise you'd have to start from scratch. Finally, before getting into the details, it's important to clarify what will transfer over in the process. Please provide a valid email address to continue. Tried to lay everything out in these, details. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So to get started with using crossplay, youll have to start with importing your friends. Last, the fact that I ordered another one..It's essentially an exchange. No, you must redeem any of your codes before beginning the transfer process. How to use Xbox PC Game Pass on your Windows PC, How to play Steam games in any room of your house, How to enable cross-save with your Destiny 2 data, How to connect your Xbox controller to a PC or phone and swap back to your console. The idea behind the process is rather simple. However, users can unlink their Steam account and then link a different one prior to October 1. America's pastime is starting this month with Spring Training, and then Opening, How To Watch Today's PlayStation State Of Play Event, Sony's latest PlayStation State Of Play event is happening later this afternoon, and it's the, How to complete the Path of the Ronin in Modern Warfare II, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II season 2 is officially live and there's loads of. Bungie does note that characters and Silver will transfer prior to Destiny purchases. It's luckily a straightforward and simple process, but there are some eccentricities to the process. It is easy and doesnt take much time to complete. Adding or Linking New Authentication Methods If a player engages with Destiny 2 on multiple platforms, they may wish to link multiple authentication methods to a single profile. If youre playing Destiny 2 on more than one platform, enabling cross-save allows you to maintain your progression regardless of which platform youre playing on, meaning you can finally move your Guardians, with all of their loot, to a different platform and freely jump between console and PC at your leisure. Account information may or may not be available immediately. I have all of his permissions, granted. Or I get "Couldn't sign you in, looks like your google account can't go there". However, it appears to be the same form that got me the reply from customer service that they cant do anything about it, so Ill see what happens this time. Common questions about the transfer process, New deal gets you two free games when you buy a Meta Quest 2, Multiversus 99% player drop is a lesson in how not to make a free-to-play game, PlayStation VR2 adds even more games to its launch lineup, Destiny 2: Lightfall fails to deliver its Avengers: Infinity War moment, Happy birthday, Steam Deck: console and PC gamers debate its first year, How to find PlayStation VR2 games on the PS5s PlayStation Store, How to get and upgrade your broom in Hogwarts Legacy, Hogwarts Legacy: how to use Rowlands map in the Tale of Rowland Oaks quest. Sony has a deal with Microsoft to support its cloud gaming . But yeah, if you already have the game on Steam and now want to cross play to Stadia, you can follow the article of what @RXShorty included above. There is a form to submit. Step 3: Enter your information to access First, there are a few important disclaimers to keep in mind before you go through with activating cross-save for your account: Shortly after agreeing, youll be able to access your account from the new platforms, assuming youve purchased Destiny 2 to play on them. Simply click the checkmark next to "I agree to receive customer service and system notifications by email" and then click "Continue. To get players ready, Bungie shared the launch trailer for the upcoming expansion. When you go to the roster, any friends that are now in your friends list on other platforms will show up on the Roster tab. For more information, please see our I.E. will be shown. Click the "Get Started" button once again, from here. I just logged back into my Stadia account and now my number has changed to (account)#0002 and because of that I am unable to authenticate the #0001 to unlink it from Bungie. It then asks for his google credentials. Why is there still no fix for this almost 6 months later, I'm beginning to think that Google's Family Controls are broken. If the user returns to the main transfer page on a message saying "My Transfer Details" will be shown. If someone has sent you a request, you can accept it while youre in the game. Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post. Alas, a Family Link email address is a no-go on Bungie, as far as I can tell. If the Steam account has 2-factor security, they'll receive a text message with a 5-digit code that will have to be typed in. Apologies if formatting of message is screwed up. Click it. Heres how to do it, whether you want to transfer your account data between a PC and console or vice-versa. I will check it out. Stadia is the client, not the Destiny server. I wish I had created his account as if he were 18 yrs old (he's 11). I've reached out to Google, to Bungie and now Stadia. By Cameron Faulkner and Alice Newcome-Beill. Regardless of which platform youre shifting from and to, Bungie does its due diligence by asking you several times if you really want to go through with enabling cross-save. Only they have the power to manually link/unlink something. This will feature the user's updated Destiny 2 information day to day, all the way up through October 1's transfer. I want to be able to play Stadia with him so we can play Destiny together, which is his favorite game of all time. Lastly, youll just need to select which friends you want to send invites out to. I enter his google email, click next, then enter password I get a message "Couldn't Sign You In" and says "Looks . Setting Up Stadia Download the Stadia app from the Play Store or App Store or go to the Stadia account setup page. I want to change my user name and I have another reason on top of it. Step 1: Head to the Bungie website to begin the transfer. When he isn't working, he enjoys playing games, good whiskey, and learning about new foods. I did not let him play Destiny 2, on his Stadia b/c you have to complete Cross Save before you play if you want your, characters brought over. After that, sign in to the account on the platform(s) to which you want to extend your account. I made a Stadia account to do the free trial that included Forsaken and Shadowkeep, and the account was (account)#0001 (for example). Like, I get Google doesnt make Destiny 2 but thats basically their flagship Stadia game atm so youd think theyd know to warn a dude. This sounds like something on Bungie court. Bungie. This likely impacts Stadia the most though. Note that this isn't a finalized list. The issue I'm having now is Google refuses to give me a refund for the first Stadia I ordered/received for my son's Xmas gift. Step 1: Head to the Bungie website to begin the transfer. You are not allowed to view this content. But cant link my new account to my Cross Save because the old ones still attached, and cant deactivate Cross Save because I need to authenticate the account but it no longer exists. There are a few games like Destiny 2 or Division 2 that supports cross play, but you need to authenticate with respective provider (Bungie and Ubisoft) Issue comes when I click Link Account on the Stadia box. Bungie has put up its official website for PC users transferring their accounts from to Steam. Most users will already have accounts linked, since most users logged onto using. Bungie begins to allow Destiny 2 players on PC to prep their accounts for transfer from to Steam, but it's a bit of a process. It then asks for his google credentials. 2-factor security through a phoneapp will result in a text message to the user's phone after providing a name and password. The user will now be prompted to "Agree to Emails," as Bungie will be issuing status updates regarding the state of Destiny 2's PC transfers via email. I'm guessing the issue is due to hisaccount being a 'minor' or child account. Click "Link Steam" to move forward. Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 beginners guide. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. I provided the ok in Stadia with a flip of a switch. If you login to Destiny 2 on Stadia the only friends youll probably see are those who are in your Stadia friends list. Then just wait for them to accept it. Next, the user will have to accept a Transfer Agreement allowing Bungie to transfer all of their account information and entitlements from to Steam. Even though I have his permissions/restrictions, maxed out. @MommadrumThe Stadia app doesn't support cross play login with other platform. Any help related to Cross Save and authentication of a Stadia account would bemuch appreciated. Youll be asked to select which platform youre logging in with. Again, the transfer won't complete until October 1. Ordered a second Stadia, created my 10yr old son a new Google account and made his date of birth as if he's not a minor. Initially, you will be limited to a mere 20 items in your inventory, which will fill up fast. To begin this process, go to the website and login to your Bungie account. Claim Destiny 2 as a free game or purchase a Destiny expansion. And it opens up the ability for matchmaking and doing content. All Rights Reserved, By submitting your email, you agree to our. After visiting this site, click on the large "Get Started" button. When you log into your Bungie account online, you . If you have any codes to utilize, redeem them first, then begin the transfer process. It then asks for his google credentials. Again, that's assuming you can . After the deadline crosses, will then transfer all of that account information to the new Steam account. Stadia. I'm having this same problem. The official transfer of accounts won't occur until October 1, but Bungie is encouraging players to link their accounts now.
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