During the day, idleness is encouraged. Henry A. Kissinger Papers, Part II (MS 1981). There are lakeside talks. There's all the redwood talk. ", "They're always an the periphery of radicalism. Throughout the skeet-shooting, the domino-playing and the museum talks, right up through the "afterglows" that follow each evening's entertainment, everyone is perpetually numbed and loose, but a clubbish decorum prevails just the same. The long-range planning commit-tee of the club decided to buy a grove some sixty miles north of the city near the town of Monte Rio. The club says it serves as a "refuge" from the strivings of the marketplace, and though it's true that actual deal-making is discouraged, I heard business being done on all sides. Along with its most definitely closet contingent, the club also has about 2,000 heterosexuals cooped up for the summer retreat, with no women officially on the premises except for a daily minibus of female cleaners the consequence of a lawsuit brought by feminists a few years ago which can go no farther into the Grove than the Camp Fire circle, 400 yards from the Main Gate. They played golf, swam and went skeet shooting. A tenet of Grove life is noncompetitive egalitarianism: all men are equal here. Nonetheless, the ideal of equality is comforting. They sang from a small stage in front of a redwood on which was hung a framed nineteenth-century engraving. Holding meetings in the back room of a San Francisco Barbary Coast bar called The Jolly Corks, the club later extended membership to artists of all kinds, but the club symbol, to this day, is an owl, typifying the nightworking journalists, as well as wisdom. Mr. Ford and Mr. Kissinger this year were .guests of Mandalay, whose members include Stephen Bechtel Sr., Stephen Bechtel Jr., Leonard Case Firestone and Edgar F. Kaiser, among the industrialists; former C.I.A. Amid stentori-an chants, a blare of music and leaping flames, Care is finally cremated. As Oscar Wilde once remarked after a visit there, I've never seen so many welldressed, (although dress ranges from casual wear and athletic gear to suits and ties] wellfed, businesslikelooking Bohemians in the whole course of my life.. The right-wing Hoover Institution at Stanford attended in full force and brought along the president of Washington's Heritage Foundation. In the good old days when the Illuminati had a firm grip on things, it was wherever the Bilderburgers decided to pitch their tents. "Simon doesn't know he doesn't have money.". Nearby, a young member of the cast dressed as a woman pulled apart purplish gossamer robes to pee. "We had jazz concert," Kissinger said. Thus equipped, I came and went on 7 days during the 16-day encampment, openly trespassing in what is regarded as an impermeable enclave and which the press routinely refers to as a heavily guarded area. For a while, in the early 1980s, Moore and BGAN thought they might actually liberate the redwoods. In 1984 folk singing demonstrators tried to quarantine the Bohemians inside the Grove because they were so dangerous to the outside world. The sense that you are inside an actual club is heightened by all the furnishings that could not survive a wet season outdoors: the stuffed lion on top of Jungle camp; the red lanterns in the trees behind Dragons camp at night, which add to the haunting atmosphere; the paintings of camels, pelicans and naked women that are hung outside; the soft couch in the doorway of Woof camp, and everywhere pianos that, when the encampment is over, go back to the piano warehouse near the front gate. After a poor reception, Nelson Rockefeller abandoned his bid for the Republican nomination in 1964. "I am a warrior and that is how I come to you today," he said. Will California Save the Iconic Joshua Tree? I wanted to visit the former president. The Grove's keenest adversary is Mary Moore, who lives in a counter cultural shantytown in nearby Occidental. Bohemians rhapsodize endlessly about towering shafts and the inspiration they give men. "Do it counterclockwise, Dickie, that's best," the captain called out. Mr. Nixon was scheduled to give a second talk in 1971, which would have made him the first President to have spoken while in office, but he canceled when the White House Press Corps insisted on following him into the strictly guarded campsite. Here are to be found members of the Bechtel clan owners of the largest engineering contractorship in the world, veterans of Republican Washington of the era of Gerorge Bush Sr (former Treasury Secretary Nick Brady, former Secretary of State George Shultz), souven-irs of industrial might (Leonard K. Firestone. Then, eerily picked out by torchlight, robed tycoons move slowly into a clearing with a bier supporting the effigy of Care. It was born in the newsroom of the old San Francisco Examiner in 1872, when James F. Bowman, an editorial writer for the rival Chronicle, proposed it to some friends at the Examiner, including prominent journalist Ambrose Bierce. One day I drove up to the front gate and got a daunting glimpse of what looked like the Grove sheriff, a barrel like figure in a Smokey the Bear hat. A waiter in a red jacket dropped an uneaten chunk of the bright red cod into a waste bin, and the Bohemians at my table talked about presidents. The sudden appearance of men in striped jackets shows what a bouillabaisse of traditions the Grove is. Walter Cronkite. What the Bois de Boulogne was to the ancien regime, the Grove is to America's power class. That did it. The meal (tournedos of beef) was festive and communal. A poster for one Grove play, Pompeii, featured a mighty erection under a toga, modelled no doubt on the redoubtable organ in the Pompeiian fresco photographed by many a touring tycoon. The camps are decorated with wooden or stone sculptures of owls, the Grove symbol. This year's event drew in notables such as former President George Bush, Texas Gov. ", "My son was in Santiago, and David sent him letters of introduction to seven leading bankers in seven countries. The Proposed TikTok Ban Goes Too Far. It's like great sex". "Owner slash developer," a man dictated to his secretary one morning. As I sat down a great glistening arc of melon was slid before me. It was a good time to visit the Grove. "Tom Johnson is here." His new book is The Big Heat:Earth on the Brink co-written with Joshua Frank. By 1988 the gauntlet of hippies and solarheads and woman-identified women whom the Bohemians had been forced to maneuver their Jags and limos around to get to the gate had disappeared. Upon arriving to the United States, he excelled academically and graduated from Harvard College in 1950, where he studied under William Yandell Elliott. He wore western gear all the way, a gray-blue checked western shirt, a white braided western belt, cowboy boots and, in his left breast pocket, an Owl's Nest pin with an owl on it. Activists from truthaction.org have obtained the official guest list for Bohemian Grove's 2008 midsummer encampment along with a map of the Grove's facilities. When they reached the water, they extinguished their torches. The Bohemian Club's waiting list, which had first appeared away back in the 1920s, grew to ridiculous lengths. Many an empire has of course been run by drunken men wearing make-up. The state has established a beachhead at the Grove's front office, a hundred yards outside the main gate, where, under legal pressure, seven women have been employed. The brewer finished tearily, his arms high above his head, fists clenched, "Take me back to Mandalay-ah. "Honey, I lost my ring and I want to sell the house," the third one said, mocking a homecoming speech. Henry A. Kissinger papers, part II > Series V. Photographs > General > Kissinger as "Soul Man," Bohemian Grove includes correspondence. And my attempts to get a job as a waiter or a valet in one of the camps failed. I repeated myself, and he said, "Yes, yes, that's true," in the famous furry voice. There are less elaborate stagings by the individual camps, which really exist as separate societies with members of each paying for their facilities. As dinner began that night, people were already sitting down on the redwood benches at the main stage for the Grove play (despite the poster, a humorless enactment of the destruction of Pompeii). The club has a fa-mous motto, weaving spiders not come here, meaning No shop talk, but Tom laughs. Typical attendees range from high-profile big boys like former Nixon cabinet member Henry Kissinger to powerful corporate chieftains whose names wouldn't draw a twitch of recognition from most folks on the street. At certain times of the year women are allowed to enter the Grove -- but only under "chaperonage," according to a 1980 statement by the club president. The Bohemian Club is set up along frat house lines. Chaperonage for adult women. But the biggest crowd pleaser was Bubbles Boobenheim, a showgirl turned patroness who rubbed her prosthetic behind against the elevator doors at stage left. Reagan himself had been a guest at the Bohemian Grove since at least 1967 and an official member since 1975 , coincidentally a place also annually visited by David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger , as well as Nelson Rockefeller since at least the 1940s and descendants of J.P. Morgan and a handful of other East Coast elites. Former President Ford told us what he would do to save the country. How? This dick-fussing often manifests itself as that starkest of male nostalgias, the hankering for the punctual erections of boyhood. On the River Road you heard some small business talk. Larry Kramer is a reporter for The San Francisco Examiner. Indeed, when confronted with a sex-discrimination suit a few years ago, the Bohemians indignantly asserted that theirs had to be a Men Only institution precisely because any woman entering the clubs precincts would see nothing but men occupied in this crude pastime. The peeing is ceaseless and more than a little exhibitionistic. Theres endless dominoes the Groves board-game par excel-lence. see that two of the bit actors appearing as dock workers were Casper Weinberger, former Secretary of Health; Education and Welfare who is now chief counsel for the Bechtel Corporation, and Mr. Clausen, president and chief executive officer of the Bank of America. Others mentioned barbed wire and electronic monitoring devices at places where the Grove abuts Monte Rio, and helicopters patrolling the "ridge roads" that traverse the 1,000-foot hills and form the Grove's perimeter. Though he cursed now and then, he seemed uncomfortable with the word damn, which he said almost sotto voce. This year Rocard's visit went unreported. The camp has a false outer door and two overlapping walls that form an S-shaped entry. The cremation is intended to put the busy men of the club at ease and banish the stress of the outside world, but it arouses critics of the encampment because they interpret it to mean that Bohemians literally don't care about the outside world. The site's annual secretive meeting takes place for two weeks in July, with Powell writing that he was present at last July's event. Politicians say there is no place like the Grove to help get a campaign rolling. He did take a crack at toilet humor: "You know, I got to take a second to do something naughty here, since this is an all-stag arrangement. Cronkite, as the owl, said that the only way Care could be cremated was to use fire from the Lamp of Fellowship before him, an "eternal" gas flame that burns day and night while the encampment is on. Later I heard a Bohemian on the River Road saying it had been brave of Reagan to take on all comers, But another Bohemian pointed out it really hadn't been a big risk. "My grandmother always said, 'You can find sympathy in the dictionary,'" a guy with a cigar said, walking on the River Road. Art Linkletter? It turned out to be only a deer lick. "I need the B-2.". The main priest wore a pink-and-green satin costume, while a hamadryad appeared before a redwood in a gold spangled bodysuit dripping with rhinestones. Reagan was mixing it up with a bunch of old-timers a few feet away. Theres Not Being At Home with the wife. come out and play, come with all the buoyant impetuous rush of youth!". Then the organist struck up "America the Beautiful" and Reagan left in a red truck, waving. The owner of the lotion sighed. Membership in the Bohemian Club is by invitation only, and no women are allowed, either as members or guests, except for an occasional picnic for club wives. The poster outside Monkey Block camp advertising this year's Grove play, Pompeii, featured a gigantic erection under a toga. He didn't ask Reagan my question, of course. Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library. Kissinger at the Bohemian Grove in 1991 with A-1 Steak sauce right behind him. Colin Powell pictured at the Bohemian Grove in a photo hacked by Guccifer Everyone talks about it. I used my real name. The club's famed annual gathering has been held for more than 100 years at the 2,700-acre Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, about 70 miles north of San Francisco in Sonoma County. And this year, when president George Elliott wrote, more drably, "Around campfires large and small, warm hospitality awaits you. "What do you call this?" A man finished his call, and Kissinger, ignoring a half-dozen men in line, took the booth and proceeded to retell to a woman, evidently his wife, the Russian speaker's joke about the KGB's interrogation of a CIA agent.
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